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From conceptual design through promoting your site on the World Wide Web, Alienrazor Web Design offers all the resources you need to create a cost effective, visually exciting, and successful World Wide Web Site. If you have a web site requirement that is not listed in our services page, simply contact us to discuss your goals. Services provided Alienrazor include:

  1. In-depth consultation
  2. Domain name registration
  3. Creation of web site
  4. E-Commerce
  5. Graphics management
  6. Flash programming JavaScript programming
  7. Registration with search engines
  8. Site maintenance

In-depth consultation

Upon signing up with alienrazor to create your web site, we will schedule an initial consultation to determine your goals and objectives. This includes the image you want to portray to your visitors. We will work with you to coordinate your site design with existing marketing material or design an entirely new approach. By understanding your business and clients, we will develop a strategic plan that meets your goals. Through an in-depth consultation, you will be involved every step of the way.


Domain registration

If you do not currently have a domain name (for example www.yourname.com) we can register a name for you.  more info


Creation of web site

Our site development services include site architecture, organizing and editing strong and useful content for your site, and HTML scripting. We try to present your material in a clear and concise manner, keeping in mind that your viewer will decide whether they are going to stay on your site and read your information in the first 2 minutes of their visit. It is important that the site be easy to navigate and quick to load without sacrificing quality. The creation of your web site will evolve through these steps:

  1. Creating a functional layout,
  2. Designing a look that reflects your business  more info
  3. Thorough testing and implementation, and
  4. Launch and search engine registration  more info


If you plan to sell items online, we provide shopping cart solutions, and if you will be taking credit card numbers online, we will set up your order form on a secure server to protect the privacy of your visitors. All of our e-commerce services rely on solid security and encryption technologies. Your customers will feel better knowing that their e-commerce experience will be in a safe and secure environment.


Graphics management

Our graphic design services include original logo development or reproduction, website graphic creation, animated graphics, flash animations, image scanning and compression, and digital photography. Whether you need simple image manipulation, or to creating a unique image from scratch, our staff will produce results that work for you. Images are an important part of the web.


Flash programming

Flash is a technology that is capable of creating complete desktop applications or Internet applications. These are very powerful programs that can be designed to accomplish anything you imagine. Flash is the basis for the newest technology, including wireless. If you would like to add special and dynamic effects, our staff can produce Flash that is completely customized to your needs.


JavaScript programming

JavaScript is a technology designed solely for the web. It is the glue that holds different technologies together. It can be used to communicate between Flash and other technologies. Whether you would like a simple roll over effect or a complicated data validation form, we can produce scripts to meet your needs.


Registration with search engines

To help clients find you, your company will be registered with search engines. To get visitors to find your site among the millions of sites online, you have to actively market your site. Once your site is up and running, our on-line marketing staff will optimize your company's listing in the top search engines, and work with you to suggest a series of cost effective advertising solutions which will ensure your web pages are being visited by your target audience.  more info


Site maintenance

Keeping your web site up-to-date is important. Ongoing site maintenance helps ensure people return to your web site and your information remains current. Your updating needs may be simple, such as adding text once a month. Or, they may be complex, such as replacing video clips, photos, text, and database items on a daily basis. No matter what your needs are, Alienrazor can create a maintenance package for your web site that will ensure it is kept up to date. Please contact us to discuss your maintenance needs and which solutions are best suited to your needs.



Why spend $1000's to design and manage your website when you can pay less and get more with Alienrazor Interactive.
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