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Alienrazor offers reseller and private label opportunities.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a reselling, or for private label solutions.

As a website designer, graphic designer or marketing agency developing and maintaining a high quality interactive/Web site is a difficult and expensive process. Now you can offer your clients an easy-to-use content management system that gives them the freedom to do what they want with their site.

Alienrazor Interactive is a hosted web site management system which allows your customers to update, manage, promote and monitor their web site, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Alienrazor will build, host and support the software, you simply sell the service. We will manage and upgrade the software and deal with the ever changing pace of technology.

You benefit by:

  • partnering with an experienced development company
  • not worrying about all the technical issues associated with hosting securing and backing up your customers web sites
  • delivering to your customers the easiest to use yet most powerful web site management system
  • earning recurring revenues

Your customers are able to:

  • Edit content online so it is always fresh and current
  • Add images, links and tables to pages
  • Create new pages
  • Create new site sections
  • Edit site navigation and menus
  • Add images to the image library
  • Add files to the download library
  • Create restricted access areas
  • Control access to pages, sections, images and files
  • Optimize pages for search engine success
  • Create and moderate user forum/discussions
  • Add images to the photo gallery
  • Create customized voting/polling system, they decide which page(s) the survey is displayed on
  • Create and distribute E-mail marketing newsletters
  • and many more features...

All of this is achieved in a point-and-click graphical environment; it is designed with the business manger in mind, no technical skills required.

Why spend $1000's to design and manage your website when you can pay less and get more with Alienrazor Interactive.
Call for a consultation: 905-505-0935