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 Business Web Services
Whether you are looking to develop a brand new web site, or to revamp an existing one, we tailor all of our work to meet your individual specifications. Our staff will discuss your exact needs, and provide a strategic plan.

Get a web site address that promotes your business

During the sign-up process, we'll ask you to provide a web address. If you don't already have one, we will register one for you.

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Design the look and feel

Whether you are looking for a business, entertainment or a high tech appearance, our staff can customise a look that reflects your needs.

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Setup your email

Create a customized email such as yourname@yourcompany.com. Our hosting package will provide you with a minimum of 25 email accounts.

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Sell product online

Put your products online and make the world your market. You will get a fully customizable shopping cart which automatically calculates totals, taxes and shipping.

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Get customers to your site

Make your site available to everyone. We will register your web site with search engines.

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Why spend $1000's to design and manage your website when you can pay less and get more with Alienrazor Interactive.
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